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Rules On How To Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Play Caribbean Stud Poker Online, Live, Now

Caribbean poker is a table game is played with one deck. The player places an ante on the space provided on the table. The dealer will deal a hand of five cards to the player and a hand of five cards to himself. The final card dealt to the dealer is dealt face up so that the player can see the value of the card.

At this point the player can see all five of his/her cards and one of the dealers. Now the player can make the decision to fold or bet. If the player chooses to fold, the hand and ante is surrendered to the dealer and a new hand begins. If the player chooses to bet, the player MUST place an additional bet on the table that is twice the value of the ante, no more, no less.

Next, the dealer must "qualify" his hand for play to continue. The dealer shows the player his cards. The dealer qualifies for play IF his hand is ranked with an Ace, King or higher (higher means a pair, 3 of a kind, flush, etc.). If the dealer doesn't have a qualifying hand and the player has bet, then the player wins an equal value to his ante (which opened the game) and the second bet is called a "push"... the player gets that bet back with no winnings.

If the dealer's hand is high enough to open and the player's hand is high enough to beat the dealers hand, the player qualifies for the following payout (payout amounts may vary from casino to casino):

1 Pair or Less - 1 to 1       2 Pair - 2 to 1
3 of a Kind - 3 to 1       Straight - 4 to 1
Flush - 5 to 1       Full House - 7 to 1
4 of a Kind - 20 to 1       Straight Flush - 50 to 1
Royal Flush - 100 to 1

The Caribbean Poker Progressive Jackpot

Generally, casinos (and on computer games of Caribbean Poker ) a second Caribbean poker game is going on inside the regular called the progressive game.

This game is an optional side game added the regular table game. This game is implemented and resolved every hand. The player makes the decision to bet on the progressive at the beginning of each hand. Then, the benefits for getting a progressive hand are only valid if the player bet to play the progressive at the beginning of that hand.

Rules on How To Play Caribbean Poker The payout rates for progressive hands are fixed for the most part; when the player gets a straight flush, the progressive payout is generally 10% of the pot. If the player gets a royal flush, the payout is 100% of the pot.

A casino's Caribbean Poker Progressive pot can range from a few thousand dollars, to hundred's of thousands of dollars... sometimes even a million dollars... it just depends of the casino and if and when anyone has won and dipped into the pot. A play does NOT have to beat the deals hand to win all or part of the progressive pot... he/she just must have a Straight Flush or Royal Flush. Some casinos will award a small bonus from the progressive pot to players who hold 4 of a kind, full house, flush or a full house.

Where To Play Caribbean Poker and/or Download Caribbean Poker For Free

To play at home, on your own computer, visit our Casino Download Page where you can download Caribbean Poker (and lots of other games) FREE from numerous top, online casinos. Getting high quality casino games you can download and play at home is one of the best, free deals on the Internet.

To play Caribbean Poker online, FREE, visit our Free Casino Games Page. You can also

If you are ready to play Caribbean Poker, live, online, at a casino for cash, go visit our Live Online Casinos Page where we list the top live, online casinos. Not all the casinos offer Caribbean Poker. Check each casino's list of available games before downloading.

Good luck to you and have fun playing Caribbean Poker!

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