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Rules On How To Play
Deuces Wild Poker

Play Deuces Wild Poker Online, Live, Now

In a Deuces Wild Poker is played just like regular poker... with a deck of 52 cards... except for one small rule change... all of the deuces (the card marked 2) in the deck are declared to be wild cards.

Wild cards can be used as any card. So a deuce can be the missing card to complete a straight or the fifth heart in a heart flush in a poker hand.

When playing video Deuces Wild Poker, you'll often find that, because of the wild cards, the minimum rank for a winning hand is 3 of a kind.

Rules on How To Play Deuces Wild Poker

Video Poker games will deal you 5 cards to start and will deal you new cards in the amount equal to that of your discard. Your discarded cards are determined by deciding on which cards to keep. Click on either the cards or the hold buttons to decide which cards you want to keep. When you are ready, click on the deal button and you will receive your new cards.

Deuces Wild Poker payouts are determined by the casino who will generally pay according to the rank of your poker hand.

Where To Play Deuces Wild Poker and/or Download Deuces Wild Poker For Free

To play at home, on your own computer, visit our Casino Download Page where you can download Deuces Wild Poker (and lots of other games) FREE from numerous top, online casinos. Getting high quality casino games you can download and play at home is one of the best, free deals on the Internet. Although MOST casinos offer Deuces Wild Video Poker, not all do. Check each casino's list of available games before downloading.

For free casino games visit our Free Casino Games Page.

If you are ready to play Deuces Wild Poker, live, online, at a casino for cash, go visit our Live Online Casinos Page where we list the top live, online casinos.

Good luck to you and have fun playing Deuces Wild Poker!

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