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Rules On How To Play Pachinko

Play/Download Pachinko, Now

Pachinko is a very popular Japanese game in which multiple balls are launched and dropped through a network of pegs on a vertical board. Some historians on Pachinko say the game most likely descended from the "Coringth Game" which originated in Chicago, USA. The game appeared in Japan in the early 1920's, and the first pachinko hall was opened in the Osaka Prefecture.

The word Pachinko comes from the Japanese word "pachi-pachi" which means the clicking of small objects together or the sound of fire crackling and likely got that name from the crackling of pachinko balls in play and flashing display board similar to a pinball machine. Pachinko is starting to make its mark both in online casinos in a video version and in off line, traditional casinos.

Rules on How To Play Pachinko

To play pachinko, you purchase five to one hundred pachinko balls. You choose and set the cost per ball at $.05, $.25, $1, or $5. When you decide to cash out, you will receive money equal to the remaining balls multiplied by the dollar value you set for the cost per ball. Obviously, the objective is to gain more Pachinko balls than you started with, and cash out at a profit.

Once you purchase Pachinko balls on a machine, you launch those balls from the top of the machine and watch them fall through a protective glass window. Most of the steel Pachinko balls will pass by the pins to the bottom and go out of play.
However, some Pachinko balls will land in special pockets.

These special Pachinko pockets activate the pachinko slot machine. For landing in a special pocket you are instantly rewarded with a set number of balls AND a "free spin" on the slot machine (this built-in slot machine is sometimes called "the pachinko").

If three matching symbols show up on the slot machine reels, you win an even greater amount of Pachinko balls. The two side bonus areas pay out a bonus of seven Pachinko balls, while the center bonus area pays out seven balls plus a spin. Bonus, "free spins" can award up to 50 Pachinko balls. It's pinball meets slot machine gambling... way fun.

How a pachinko machine pays out, or operates, the design of the machine, varies greatly. But, the general principal of pachinko is fairly standard.

Where To Play Pachinko and/or Download Pachinko For Free

To play at home, on your own computer, visit our Casino Download Page where you can download casino games (some of them offering Pachinko) FREE from numerous top, online casinos. You'll need to check the list of games offered by each casino to make sure they are including a Pachinko game. One casino we know offering a good Pachinko game is Golden Tiger Casino.

Getting high quality casino games you can download and play at home is one of the best, free deals on the Internet.

For free casino games you can play online, visit our Free Casino Games Page.

If you are ready to play Pachinko, live, online, at a casino for cash, go visit our Live Online Casinos Page where we list the top live, online casinos.

Good luck to you and have fun playing Pachinko!

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